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Electron Machine Corporation is proud to announce the release of the 24volt, DC-DC option for the DCR E-Scan and MPR E-Scan In-line Process Refractometers

Electron Machine Corporation announced June 2, 2020 that the new 24v DC-DC Power Supply has been officially released for use in the DCR E-Scan and MPR E-Scan models.

24VDC Option

“This is the successful culmination of many hours work and several revisions,” says Jack Wilburn, Operations Manager for Electron Machine, “and provides us the ability to satisfy the needs of many clients who seek a mobile solution for in-line process measurement of Refractive Index.” Reading Milk Fat content, de-icing solutions, and the measurement of sugars on harvesting equipment are just a few of the applications this new power supply address. Static operations that benefit from this advancement are solar operated locations as well as areas that lack high voltage AC service.

“I am proud of our current team continuing the innovative spirit of my Grandfather, and founder of Electron Machine,” says C.A. Vossberg IV, President, Electron Machine Corporation. Since the Company’s founding in 1946, and Florida Charter in 1953, Electron Machine has been a global leader in the manufacturing of industrial instrumentation. The 24v DC-DC Power Supply opens new markets.

Electron Machine Corporation manufactures the MPR E-Scan; a rugged, dependable, accurate, and cost effective in-line refractometer. Capabilities include 4-20mA and 0-10VDC outputs, a variety of up to 8 internal relays for direct control of a variety of valves, alarms, and warning indicators, as well as the capability of saving up to 99 different recipes each with their own alarms, set-points and controls.

Based upon the refractive index (R.I.) of a given aqueous solution, the MPR E-Scan can determine the concentration of the solution and relay that value in real time for proactive advanced process control.

MPR E-Scan

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