Providers of the World's Most Rugged

As a pioneer in developing the industrial use of refractive index, our ruggedly designed process refractometers provide safe, reliable, and accurate process measurement and control.

Our Products

E-Scan Process Refractometer

The MPR E-Scan is a rugged, industrialized, in-line process refractometer.

Monitor Divert System

The MDS Monitor Divert System is a dual Hybrid-Digital refractometer BLRBAC compliant Black Liquor solids monitoring system.

Dissolved Solids Analyzer

The DSA E-Scan is an automatic, bench-top critical angle refractometer.

DCR E-Scan Refractometer

The DCR E-Scan is a hybrid-digital critical angle refractometer.

Our Quality System

Electron Machine is ISO 9001:2015

Electron Machine Achieves Latest ISO9001:2015 Standard.

Electron Machine Corporation is very proud of our unique history and deep roots in the process refractometer industry.